|| A+ Promises Mblaq
 || A+ Promises Mblaq
 || A+ Promises Mblaq
 || A+ Promises Mblaq
 || A+ Promises Mblaq (mblaq-maniac "Trust. Loyalty. Friendship" it's all eternal"
 || A+ Promises Mblaq
As a way to cheer you guys up a bit and try to think positively about our boys, we will work on some “Mblaq Promises” rather than “Imagines”

To make promises to our OT5 that we will never forget about them, not now not ever.. Whether they stay together or go solo we will always support them and keep them in our heart ♥

Stay tuned for the A+ Promises to Mblaq OT5 ♥

we will always be here
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Un abrazo a todas las A+



mantengámonos fuertes!



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J.Tune camp are still discussing matters but more rumors about Thunder also leaving?

Since the first disbanding rumors I had a feeling it wasn’t a rumor at all! 87line will be enlisting soon, and then Joon and Thunder going solo.. Is it the end?

No it’s not! Nothing is official yet! So I won’t lose hope until I see an official statement!

Stay strong guys!!

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one day mblaq got a new house, a new house is mblaq camp, many many happy : - )

guys, mblaq now has an official twitter account. Please follow them! @MBLAQ_CAMP

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