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 || Seungho Imagines (Imagine Idea: Admin Soju)
Dear A+,
Anonymous whispered: Can I ask something? ^^" Will Seungho like a girl who's a doctor or any profession related to medical field? I hope he will. :)))

Yeah…I don’t think his shallow. As long as she fits in what he’s looking for in a girl, I think he would. He’s a very straight guy, so I think he’d go for whoever he falls for^^

And then you’d be so lucky to have this pacient as your number 1  *o*

 || Joon Imagines (Imagine Idea: Admin Soju)
 || G.O Imagines (Imagine Idea: Admin Soju)
 || Mir Imagines (Imagine Idea: Admin Soju)
 || Thunder Imagines (Imagine Idea: Admin Soju)
Mir Scenario “Snuggling with your son”

This was requested by joonloon.. Sorry it took us a while to get it done.. hope you like it ♥


The night was dark, and you slept silently. You dreamt of going to the amusement park with your son, and your husband Mir.

Mir and your son went on children’s rides together due to the fact that your son was only two years old and far too young to ride on bigger roller coasters.

You enjoyed yourself in the breeze while watching them both cram into the same riding cart while the smile on Mir’s face was larger than life as he looked down with pride and excitement on his eager son.

You were suddenly awakened by the cold empty spot in your bed where Mir usually lay at night, which was right next to you where he belonged. You sat up with tired eyes, and struggled to scan the dark room for any sign of his presence, however you found nothing.

Being persistent, you climbed out of bed to go search the house. First you would check your son’s room, however it was empty as well, bearing not one person. Where are BOTH of them??

You continued down to the family room, where you saw the kind of sight a mother and wife live to see.  

A shallow breathing Mir had his arms wrapped around his dreaming son while they lay together on the couch in the middle of the night.

This, you realized, was exactly the reason to keep going every day, and you went back to bed.

 || G.O Imagines (Requested by esmarchoct)
Dear A+,
esmarchoct whispered: I really love "his reaction when you say yes to going out with him" especially Seungho's. Aigoo~ Would he show me that when I say "yes"? Hihihihi. So manly yet so cute. >< Please continue with this blog. I really love it!!!! <3

Thank you very much!! We love it when you guys tells us what you think of our posts :D :D 

You can request a reaction set if you want :D 

 || Seungho Imagines (Requested by Anonymous)

We decided we want to change the main interests of this blog. From now on these will be our main focus. We’re sorry to disappoint you guys!


Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness:
The Third Round (until April 2)

Lee Joon: http://www.soompi.com/2014/03/31/soompi-k-pop-dance-madness-elite-eight/2/

If you have spare time to vote and support Joonie…

- G.O humming a soft melody and running his fingers through your hair in the middle of the night because you had a nightmare (Requested by thousandkinds)

Your phone ringed. At first you didn’t answer it, your phone was charging in your room and you were busy preparing dinner for you and your boyfriend ByungHee.

But then it rang again, and again. Annoyed, thinking it was some publicity company which had been calling you all day, you let what you were doing and went to answer it.

A female’s voice came from the side of the phone: ‘Hello, Miss _______. This is from the Seoul Hospital’. You could hear noise on the other side.

‘Y..Yes?’, you said, now with a worried voice at what might come from the phone call, starting to think of the worst, your voice started to tremble.

The woman said: ‘We have bad news for you so please make sure you’re calm and ready to what we’re about to say about your boyfriend, ByungHee’.

WTF?? , you thought before answerin. How can this person ask me to make sure I’m ready to hear what she has to say when I have no idea what it is?! How am I supposed to know if I’m sure?! About my boyfriend, from a hospital, I’m sure it won’t be good news.

You then said: ‘Yes?…Just be blunt please, or I’ll get even more nervous…’

‘I’m sorry to tell you that…well your boyfriend suffered from a car accident and your number was the first in his contacts’, the lady on the phone said.

Immediately, you felt tears roll down your cheeks, you sit on the bed trying to get a hold of yourself and yelled at the phone, interrupting the lady : ‘What?! What happened?! How did this happen?! When?! He was supposed to come home!’ Your right hand was holding the phone and your left on your heart.

The lady on the other side said: ‘Please Miss, you have to come here. We can’t tell you the full details on the phone. And you have to prepare yourself for what might come’.

At these last words you just hung up. You tried screaming out the in pain, to make your heart at ease, but nothing came out.

‘Jagi! Jagi! Wake up!’

Finally, you heard his voice, and yelling out the pain in your dream, you were able to wake up, realizing you were having a nightmare. You woke up to a hand shaking your shoulders. You could feel hot tears rolling down your cheeks,  and you were soaked in sweat.. you were having a nightmare.

You looked up at Byunghee, who was wiping away your tears and had a worried look on his face.

‘Oppa!’ You hugged him tightly. You both sat on the bed.

‘God! I’m happy you’re here! You’re ok.. I can feel you, it’s real…’

‘It’s ok! Easy jagiya…it was just a nightmare…’, he said. But you actually had tears on your face from crying in your dream

You kept touching him, still trying to get in your mind that he’s really there. ‘Now I’m not dreaming anymore, you really are here’, you hug him tight once again.

'I know love, I’m here, I promise…I’m never leaving you.' And ByungHee made you both lay again, putting your head on his chest and caressing your hair, he sang

Nae mam jeonhaejil su itdorok

(So that my heart can show what it really feels)

Kkwak jabajulge ne soneul ireoke

(I’ll hold your hand tightly, like this)

Ojik neo hanaman barabollae

(I’d like to only look at you)

Nae sarangeul da jullae

(I’d like to give you my love)

Nae pume neol aneullae

(I’d like to hold only you in my arms)

Doraseon ne mameul dollil su inneun

(I’ll look forward to your change of heart)

Na bomyeo useojuneun

(When you’ll look at me with a smile)

Nae kkumeseorado

(Even in my dreams)

Slowly your eyelids started to feel heavy from crying, you were warm in ByungHee’s arms and with the soft melody in the background, you fell asleep again, once more hugging him to guarantee he really is there.

- Admin Ba


His reaction when you say yes to going out with him






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