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 || Mir Imagine 
 || Mir Imagine (Requested by bunniebunniesquibs)
 || Seungho Imagine 
Their reaction when they find out you’re drunk

by esmarchoct

Seungho: *I told you not to over do it*

G.O: *asks you to do stupid stuff with your face*

Joon: *omg you’re drunk for real!*

Thunder: *what did you call me? No I’m not Rain..*

Mir: *are you even allowed to drink? Uh.. of course you are*

 || Mir Imagine 
 || Thunder Imagine 
His gaze when he holds his first child for the first time

by anonymous:

Seungho: *I’m a father~!*


G.O: *trying not to cry*


Joon: *he’s as beautiful as his mom* 


Thunder: *she brings me joy* 


Mir: *look at daddy*


 || G.O Imagine (Requested by anonymous)

|| Joon Imagine (Requested by anonymous)
When you accidentaly hit him in the crotch while he was tickling you and you’re very ticklish

By anonymous: 

Seungho: *why Jagi~!*


G.O: *Ouch~!*

Joon: *what is your leg doing down there?*

Thunder: *stay away from Thunder junior* 

Mir: *nice try*

 || Joon Imagine (Requested by anonymous)
 || Seungho Imagine (Requested by anonymous)
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