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Love your Mblaq bias the way you want. Send us all the requests you want ♥ We write scenarios but not right now. We're still working on some old requests and will finish soon, hopefully ^^
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 || G.O Imagine (Requested by anonymous)
Dear A+,
selen96 whispered: i love seeing the imagines you guys put up they always make me laugh. just had to let you know I really enjoy your blog. cant wait to see what comes next :)

Thank you very much! Your message means a lot to us! 

We’ll work harder not to disappoint you!~♥

- Admin Pinna

joonloon replied to your post: IT’S ADMIN BA’S BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY ♥

Happy birthday

Thank you sweetie (:

crystalplus replied to your post: IT’S ADMIN BA’S BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY ♥

OMG!!!! I’m a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY WOOOO!! ^^

I think you were on time, my birthday was on the 19th


bunniebunniesquibs reblogged your post IT’S ADMIN BA’S BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY ♥ and added:

Happy Birthday our wonderful admin~

Awww, you’re the one who’s wonderfull  (:

melanthriel replied to your post: IT’S ADMIN BA’S BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY ♥

Happy birthday, Admin Ba~

Thanks^^   I’m so touched <3

ilovecutefishy replied to your post: IT’S ADMIN BA’S BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY ♥

Happy birthday!!

Thank you, I seriously want to thank each and everyone of you, your messages warmed my heart.

You were so nice, thank you A pluses <3 

Admin Ba

mblaq-maniac replied to your photo “You guys asked, so here it is^^ Admin Ba”

You’re beautiful!


crystalplus replied to your photo “You guys asked, so here it is^^ Admin Ba”

Would you look at that so many pretty unnies over at mblaq-imagines! ^^

Awwww<3  I just turned 18, am I a unnie to most of you?

annieds replied to your photo “You guys asked, so here it is^^ Admin Ba”

You’re cute ^^

Thanks^^   my sister says I’m not  T_T

mblaq-miracle replied to your photo “You guys asked, so here it is^^ Admin Ba”

so pretty ^^                  
Thank you,you’re all so nice sweet!!! (:
Admin Ba
 || Mir Imagine (Requested by anonymous)
Their reaction to you making them a surprise dinner

Requested by dahliycia

Seungho: *all this food for me*


G.O: You’re the BEST!


Joon: Jagi I love you!


Thunder: *a surprise dinner?!*


Mir: WOW! 


 || Seungho Imagine (Requested by esmarchoct)
 || G.O Imagine (Requested by anonymous)
 || Seungho Imagine (Requested by bunniebunniesquibs)
Their reaction when the AC isn’t working and it’s seriously hot so you start removing layers

by anonymous: 

Seungho: *you can’t be serious*

G.O: *I wish the AC would stop working forever*

Joon: *blushes*

Thunder: What do you think you’re doing??

Mir: If I knew you’d do this I would have turned it off long ago!! 

 || Thunder Imagine (Requested by anonymous)
Dear A+,
Anonymous whispered: Are you still doing ships? If so here is stuff about me c: : I am 5'7" and have long black hair with brown highlights and is very slightly wavy. I also have light brown eyes with tints of Amber and a fair complexion. I am pretty shy and at times very quiet, but I like to laugh so c: I hope you are still doing ships if not it's ok c: thank you!

We do ships every once in a while for a couple of days, but it won’t hurt doing ships when some are requested :D 

I’d ship you with Seungho ^^

Dear A+,
Anonymous whispered: Hello ^^ I'd like to be shipped. I'm 5'2 I like to dye my hair, and change my style often, I like to read and write, I'm very protective, loyal to my friends and family. I'm VERY feisty when provoked, and can be a bit defensive at times, I like to take care of people, and I have a rather short temper, and can be a bit of a tough love kinda gal sometimes, I like to tease and joke around, and I'm more playful than serious most of the time. Thanks! <3

I’d ship you with Mir ^^ 

He can be super hot when serious, but dorky when trying to be playful

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